Your Friendly Neighbourhood Creatives – Francis Nicholls-Wunder

Meet Francis Nicholls-Wunder. Director of creative agency Light Creative and a Founding Member of the co-working space Framework Melbourne. Light Creative is a creative team working with forward-thinking clients to establish desireable brands operating out of Framework Melbourne – a co-working space for creative and sociable humans. This is his entrepreneurial story.

How did you find the right business partners?

As important as it is to make the most of your opportunities, I believe you should only go into business with people who you not only trust and respect but those who you genuinely get on with. Being able to communicate well, having complimentary skill sets and legitimately enjoying each other’s company are all essential if you are going to work well together. My business partners and I found ways to test out our working relationship through a few small shared projects before we committed to actually going into business together.

What has driven growth for your business?

Taking the plunge and opening a new business, Framework Melbourne our coworking space, not only gave us a great workspace for ourselves and a new revenue stream, but easy access to a huge range of freelancers and small businesses that we have engaged regularly to broaden our offering to clients. Thinking laterally about how you can expand and bolster your business can open all sorts of doors.

What lessons have you learned so far on your business journey?

You never know where the next opportunity is going to come from. It’s just as important to have a solid elevator pitch for your business pitch and product as it is to present as a genuine and likable human being. If you can hold an actual friendly conversation people are happier to pick up the phone when you call and more likely to think of you when an opportunity arises. You never know where your next lead, partnership, contractor or employee might come from.

How important has your education been?

My education is largely in the field of Communications, which has been broad enough to let me work in a variety of industries and positions. As much as any theory, developing the ability to write, speak and generally communicate with people has proved invaluable. For me, my time at university was about exploring different subjects and finding my strengths and weaknesses.

What are your top 3 tips for starting a business?

  1. 1Value your time. Don’t forget that your time and the time of your employees is a valuable resource. Be sure to spend your time just as carefully as your money.
  2. Get help. Not just advice from mentors but real professional help that you pay real money for. Do the things you do well, but if it’s outside your skill set and you need it done to a very high standard, don’t be afraid to outsource to get it done right.
  3. Leave the door open. You never know when your business (or your career) might take a sharp turn in direction. Having some clear goals for yourself is important, but staying openminded could bring you success in areas you barely knew existed.

Francis Nicholls-Wunder is a graduate of the RMIT Master of Communications, Communication and Media Studies.

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