The Original Smoothie Bombs – Cinzia Cozzolino

Meet Cinzia Cozzolino. A passionate and registered nutritionist, Cinzia is determined to change the way we start the day. Cinzia is also the founder of Nutrition Darling and Smoothie Bombs, which produce a range of delicious health-food products. This is her entrepreneurial story.

How did you get your business started?

“I started out selling homemade raw organic cakes and breakfast muesli to local cafes and health shops, this eventually grew and I was supplying more than thirty businesses.” It was during this phase Cinzia developed Smoothie Bombs, an organic ball that contains ten healthy ingredients. The premise is simple – add a piece of fruit, the milk of your choice and blend away!

Since then Smoothie Bombs has grown at lightning speed, with a Royal family in Dubai recently placing an order for two hundred and fifty tubes, a feat Cinzia describes as a highlight.

Reflecting on the expansion of Smoothie Bombs, Cinzia states she couldn’t have done it without a mentor. “I have several! Even my mentors have mentors! Everyone needs a sounding board from an experienced person in their field.”

What lessons have you learned on your business journey?

Cinzia stresses the importance of getting your groundwork done early. “Get your systems in place at the beginning so that when your business takes off, the processes are easier to manage.” Cinzia also says seeking the help of an accountant early on can assist you with forecasting and planning out goals.” Lastly, perseverance is key – there will be days where you will be on the floor crying in the foetal position but there will be other days where you are fist pumping!”

Cinzia Cozzolino is a graduate of the RMIT Certificate IV in Small Business Management (2013).

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