Solutions For a Healthier Tomorrow: RMIT Students Shine at Telstra Innovation Challenge

RMIT’s very own student team has walked away as University winners at Telstra’s annual Innovation Challenge. This year’s participants were tasked to build Internet of Things (IoT) technology solutions focused on empowering individuals and healthcare professionals in health and wellness management, with Bupa acting as industry partner.

Finalists pitched their solutions to an expert judging panel to be in the running for a range of prizes and to contribute to the future of Australia’s health and wellness industry. This year’s challenge was split into two streams, one open to the public, and another for university students.

Telstra’s chief technology officer Håkan Eriksson said: “I was very impressed with all of the innovative IoT technology solutions pitched throughout the judging rounds. It’s amazing what is able to be achieved in such a short period of time with hard work, a diverse range of skills, collaboration, support and the right tools available.”

RMIT students Aaron Duivenvoorden, Steven Korevaar, Timothy Scott and Jeremy Siaw formed Team Laika and created the Me-MG, a wearable smart knee brace. The brace features real-time automatic EMG biofeedback which enables users to complete home-based rehabilitation exercises with the correct form. The device also connects users to their physio through Telstra’s 4G IoT network as well as a dashboard where muscle data is displayed and analysed.

Dan Sleeman, Head of Activator Learn helped the team prepare their winning pitch. Team Laika’s win is an exemplary of the type of entrepreneurial talent we have coming out of the RMIT community, as well as their commitment to creating genuinely positive impact.

Although Team Laika found the process extremely challenging, the opportunities to network, test their idea and develop time and project management skills have been a tremendous highlight for the team.

The team is now in the process of commercialising their solution, and we can’t wait to see it create a healthier tomorrow.

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