Online Learning

Skill Up and Stand Out

The future world of work is looking for a unique set of skills, transferable skills that allow people to problem solve and think creatively.

We’re ahead of the game and have created eight tailored online modules that allow you to get the skills you need for the future you want.


What you get

Creative Thinking Essentials

Apply creative thinking techniques to develop useful solutions to real-world problems.

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Lean Business Basics

Develop the capability to effectively map out an operational business model by utilising lean practices, approaches, and techniques.

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Problem Solving 

Develop the skills and strategies to identify, analyse and address ‘problems worth solving’.

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Managing Money 

Understand key financial concepts and tools for effective business cash flow management.The Art of Presenting

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Agile ways of working 

Develop an agile mindset to improve teamwork, deliver value and embrace change.

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Digital Solutions Design 

Equip yourself to make user-first decisions by understanding the design-thinking process as it applies to the development of mobile solutions.
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How to Freelance 

Gain an edge in a competitive market by understanding key aspects of freelancing.
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