Papercloud – Simon Holland

Meet Simon Holland. Simon did not have a conventional childhood, and from a young age was exposed to a dynamic variety of people and cultures. This unique upbringing influenced his decision to study Entrepreneurship, and in his final year of study began his own company – Papercloud. Six years on, Simon has helped to launch over 50 startups while co-founding several others. This is his entrepreneurial story.

We recently visited Papercloud HQ, and spoke to Simon about his thoughts on the future of apps, education and entrepreneurship. Papercloud’s large open plan office contains a healthy array of plants and volumes of natural light, well balanced out with the office keg and futuristic yet classic egg pod chairs. Chatting with Simon, it’s easy to recognise his enthusiasm, and dedication to start-ups. He shared with us some of the essentials required for being part of one, you can read his thoughts below.

Simon Holland studied the RMIT Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) degree from 2008-2010. He also is a board member of Activator.

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