Metta Skincare – Anca Grigoras

Meet Anca Grigoras. Founder of Mettā Skincare, a range of natural skincare products. This is her entrepreneurial story.


Driven by her passion for healthy living, Anca combined science and art to create a skincare line that allows others to experience the difference all-natural beauty products can have on the health of their skin. Anca explains, “I also wanted to create a business that was an experiment in change-making entrepreneurship: I was interested in finding out if it’s possible to found a successful enterprise that creates value whilst also doing well for its stakeholders.”


After years of working up the nerve, Anca decided in early 2013 to do one thing each day to transform Metta Skincare from a simple idea into a real business. “As with every new project, the beginning is always the hardest. But after the first few months, I began to see some real progress. I was motivated to do more. I soon found that I was doing much more than one thing a day. From there, it took me six months to have the business ready to launch.”


“If you are deeply passionate about what you’re doing, you will always find the strength to get a business off the ground,” says Anca. She also credits a supportive network for her success. “Be prepared for your idea to be met with a lot of scepticism. This is all the more reason why you should cultivate and nurture relationships with those who are willing to help you grow your business idea.”
Anca’s last words of wisdom are simple – just start! “So many entrepreneurs delay their launch until they are satisfied that their idea is perfect. You’ll constantly be looking for ways to improve your launch product. So, choose some must-have features, set a deadline for the launch and stick to it. Your customers will help you decide what improvements are needed. That’s been my experience with Mettā Skincare.”

Anca Grigoras is a graduate of the RMIT Certificate IV in Small Business Management (2014).

Anca Grigoras’ start-up, Mettā Skincare, was also awarded an interest-free loan of $25,000 from the RMIT New Enterprise Investment Fund (NEIF) to help her expand her business. NEIF is now the Activator Capital Fund.

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