Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Skills Brought to You By Activator

Activator is making it even easier to build your entrepreneurial mindset! We have co-created a suite of online enterprise modules with industry leaders, to help you develop skills and experiences and prepare you for the future of life and work. That means you can skill up at home, online and in your own time. Easy!


Each week we’re putting the spotlight on one of our enterprise modules. We’ll tell you what to expect, what you can learn and why it’s important to have that skill. First up, Problem-solving in Business, created in conjunction with Capgemini. Problem-solving is one of the most sought-after skills for graduates across multiple industries. This course will help you to approach problems in a logical way, breaking them down and using creative approaches to come up with solutions to solve them.


You’ll walk away with the ability to identify problem-solving principles, accurately define a problem in a business context and recommend a specific solution.


This credential teaches the fundamentals of problem-solving and applies them in a practical way to a range of typical business problems. You’ll learn how to gather evidence, use creative techniques to come up with approaches, and use logical testing methods to trial possible solutions before settling on a final course of action.


The best bit? Each course can be completed at your own pace when it suits you. We know student life can get busy, so we’re making it super easy for you. Log in and out as you please and pick up where you left off each time. You’ll also receive a digital badge to impress employers on your LinkedIn. Activator’s online modules are available to all current RMIT Students.


Get started now via the What We Do page and hit Online Learning.