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As the world changes, RMIT is dedicated to shaping a new urban and industrial renaissance in the global economy. We have always been committed to technology, design and enterprise, in addition to enabling economic adaptation which allows the whole community to benefit. RMIT is physically embedded in the dynamic City of Melbourne, whose wealth of diversity and creativity is a major advantage in growing entrepreneurial talent.


Why are entrepreneurial skills so important?

Entrepreneurial skills are important for all students looking forward to a changing world of work – those who have dreams of starting their own business and those who wish to follow a traditional career path. As the world continues to change, students, workers and institutions need to be entrepreneurial and work in a team in order to adapt and succeed.

A recent report by the Foundation for Young Australians found that employers are more likely to demand entrepreneurial skills than technical skills in the young people they hire.

RMIT’s focus is on ensuring our students are ready for life and work. We achieve this through real world experience, team based collaboration and active learning opportunities, all fostered through our extensive mentoring and coaching network.