At RMIT, entrepreneurship is not new. It is built into our degree courses and vocational programs, with many opportunities for students, alumni and partners to build and grow their own successful businesses.

Our recent record of developing entrepreneurial talent is strong, built on a long, proud history of industry engagement and innovation.

As a university of technology, design and enterprise, we have roots firmly in business and job creation. Through investment in world class facilities, education programs and industry partnerships, we’re empowering students to shape the world by creating their own path.

We are committed to our vision of actively contributing to Victoria’s innovative and dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem, and will achieve this through our:

  • Programs – A wide array of undergraduate, postgraduate, research, elective, short course and vocational education options are available to build entrepreneurial skills.
  • Partnerships – Developing entrepreneurial talent and innovation is a collaborative strategy. We partner closely with major players in industry and government to ensure we achieve impact driven outcomes.
  • Platforms – Separate to our programs, our entrepreneurial initiatives support all aspects of enterprise formation and business creation activity. Flexible pathways and multiple entry and exit points allow students to learn and gain assistance in areas they require.
  • Places – Incorporates physical co-working spaces, prototyping facilities and collaborative design studios, including a growing cluster of innovative projects and spaces in Melbourne’s, CBD North. These all help to link our growing pool of entrepreneurial talent and new enterprises to an international network of urban innovation districts.
  • People – Our diverse and active student body drives grassroots entrepreneurial interest and activity through student associations’ events and networking opportunities.

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