Unlock your entrepreneurial mindset

Get ahead of the pack

We know that the future of life and work is changing – fast.To thrive in a world of constant change and take charge of your future, you need the right mindset and the right skills. You need an entrepreneurial mindset. That’s where we come in.

  • A Thriving Entrepreneurial Community

    Entrepreneurship is not new to RMIT, it’s part of our DNA. RMIT has one of the highest rates of enterprise formation among graduates in the country.

    As the university of Design, Technology and Enterprise, RMIT has an unrivalled network of entrepreneurial experiences that extends across our global community of alumni and industry partners.

    Activator is a unique experience designed by RMIT to connect our students, staff and alumni to this network of transformative experiences all designed to help our students, staff and alumni learn enterprise skills, innovate alongside industry and innovation experts and launch new businesses.

  • Learn Entrepreneurial Skills

    Create the future you want with the skills you’ll need to get you there. Stay one step ahead of our ever changing world and future proof your CV.

    Our range of face-to-face and online learning experiences are all designed to help you build your entrepreneurial skill set and be work ready.

  • Innovate with Experts

    The world is full of problems to solve with new ways of thinking. That’s why we bring together some of the worlds leading innovation experts and creative thinkers to explore new ideas and solve some of the biggest challenges our world faces.


  • Launch New Businesses

    We know that no two people or their businesses are the same, that’s why we have designed an experience that lets our community of freelancers, artisans, and startups customise what type of startup support fits best. That way they get everything they need to go faster. 




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