RMIT Enterprise and Business Creation Centre

Building entrepreneurial talent

  • At RMIT, we aim to help shape the world for the better

    To achieve this, we’re growing entrepreneurial capability and increasing the flow of talent into successful enterprises, jobs and partnerships.

    Through our dynamic, innovative and collaborative network of programs and initiatives, we’re giving students and our larger community the entrepreneurial experience and opportunities we all need to succeed.

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  • Our Credentials

    We are proud of the positive impact we’ve had on enterprise formation and the development of entrepreneurial talent. Through our commitment to ensuring our students have the skills required to build viable businesses with strong foundations, we’ve supported the forming of thousands of businesses.


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  • Why Enterprise?

    Entrepreneurs are vital to growing our economy, creating jobs and stimulating enterprise more widely. Our future prosperity depends on innovation in every sector, with self-employment, micro-enterprise, start-ups and ventures all playing an increasingly important part in a connected, collaborative economy.


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  • Entrepreneurial Journey

    RMIT embraces the entrepreneurial spirit, whatever that may mean for different individuals. We nurture and sustain our relationships in a community full of other entrepreneurs, industry experts and mentors.


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